"Rebirth" by Rachel Halder, watercolor & pen ink drawing

“Rebirth” by Rachel Halder; watercolor, oil pastel & pen ink drawing

You better face it: God thinks you’re pretty wonderful.

She didn’t push Adam and Eve out of the garden,
they chose to walk out.
You too have a choice:
Will you accept the love of the Great Mother?
Or will you continue to run?
It doesn’t matter what you do,
have done,
will do.
It doesn’t matter who you are,
what you’ve been,
who you become.
The Queen of Heaven will love you,
regardless of your position.
Her desire is limitless
Her dwelling is boundless
And patiently she waits
for you to stop pushing yourself around,
and to once again enter her warm womb
to be born into Her dawning Light again.