The work that Our Stories Untold does and the relationships that we cultivate have each been growing, growing, growing, and that is a wonderful thing. It means, though, that Barbra and I need a few extra hands to keep this network of love and creative resistance to sexualized violence running smoothly. We’re not at this point looking for people to permanently join the OSU team or take on advocacy roles, but we do desperately need people who have time and energy and desire and skill to give to any of the short term and/or limited in scope tasks listed below. If that is you, or if you think it might be you, get in touch and we will talk details and shower you with appreciation.


  • Cultivate our resources page: We’ve had grand ideas about what ought to be made available on our resources page for about 3 years now, but we can’t seem to find the time to make it happen. We need someone(s) to take responsibility for making this page live up to its potential. I imagine that will involve gathering our ideas about what should be on the page, adding your own (if you want), collecting the material and then actually getting it onto the website. If you’re interested but that last step is intimidating, let us know anyway.
  • Website redesign: We need a web designer with development skills, or vice versa (or one of each!) to help us revamp the site. This will require an ability to work with wordpress, but we are open to the possibility of switching platforms.
  • Design, more generally: In addition to web design, we need a person to create a few different OSU looks and images that we can use both in print and on the web. The person who does this could be the same person who works on the website redesign but doesn’t have to be, as long as y’all are willing to communicate.
  • Legal counsel: We have a wonderful and generous attorney who offers us pro bono counsel when we need it, but it would be helpful to have another name or two to add to the pool of folks we can draw on in the event that we find ourselves needing more support than one generous soul can offer.
  • Title IX & Cleary Act tutor and/or advisor: We know the basics of Title IX and Cleary Act, but we’re finding that we need knowledge (or access to someone else’s knowledge) that is more detailed. When making requests of schools on behalf of survivors, we regularly hear responses like “Cleary Act prohibits us from doing that” or “According to Title IX, we cannot share that information.” We need someone who can help us determine when such responses are right on and when we ought to challenge the school’s interpretations of each law.
  • Fundraising: So far, nobody who does any work for Our Stories Untold, including me and Barbra, gets paid. We are volunteers and will be volunteers for the foreseeable future, which means that when we have expenses (website fees, LLC fees, plane tickets to present OSU perspectives at Mennonite conferences, etc.) we have been paying for them out of pocket or inviting financial support through special blog posts. We would be able to do our work a whole lot better if we had a slight financial cushion, and we need someone(s) to help make that happen.

  • Grant writing: Ok. We don’t actually have a specific grant in mind right now that we want to apply for, but we have some percolating ideas that will require this kind of funding, and we want to be prepared. At this point, what I need is someone who knows how to find and write grants who can teach me the process.
  • Accounting/Taxes: We’ve recently become an LLC, and one of the more boring/technical implications (as opposed to the exciting fact that we’re now a registered organization!) is that we need to 1) keep track of all of our income and expenses (basic, I know) and 2) do our LLC taxes correctly. If you can do either or both of those things (or propose a system we can use to do them easily), we need you.

If you have time and energy to give to OSU and don’t see the skill you’d like to offer listed here, that doesn’t mean we don’t need you. Chances are, what you have to offer is valuable, and we just haven’t thought to ask for it yet. Write to us, and let us know how you’d like to help out. We would love to hear from you.

If you don’t have the ability to volunteer right now but you still want to help, think of a few people who might be able to fill some of the roles above, send this post to them, and encourage them to consider getting in touch with us. A little bit of encouragement can go a mighty long way.

Of course, just about everyone reading this is already contributing to Our Stories Untold in the most important way possible by sustaining participation in the conversation that happens here, the relationships that are formed here, and the listening, caring and support that survivors and loved ones offer to one another here. We thank you for that a thousand fold. Our Stories Untold would be nothing without you.