Soon, we plan to offer our own resources and educational services. Send us a message if you would like to contribute or if you would like to talk with us about how we can support conversation and learning around sexualized violence in your community.

For now…

If you are looking for further Mennonite (and some non-Mennonite) resources on how you and your congregations can address abuse and sexualized violence, here are a few helpful places to start:

Mennonite Church USA Stance on Sexualized Violence

“A Resolution on Male Violence Against Women, 1993”

Mennonite Related Websites

  • John Howard Yoder Digest: Recent Articles About Sexual Abuse and Discernment – A collection of articles that outline the conversation and developments related to John Howard Yoder’s sexual abuse of women and its theological and ecclesiological implications, updated periodically by Hannah Heinzekehr
  • MCC Abuse Page: Response & Prevention – A website created by Mennonite Central Committee to address:
    • Survivors: people suffering abuse at home, school, church or work
    • Those who are unsure whether the treatment they are receiving in any of these places is really abuse
    • Helpers: pastors or others seeking to support an abused person
    • Leaders: congregational leaders seeking resources for people in their communities of faith who need to know more to support survivors and perpetrators in situations of domestic violence or sexual abuse.
  • MCC PDF Booklet: Understanding Sexual Abuse by a Church Leader or Caregiver – Helpful resource from MCC in understanding some of the dynamics of power that is abused by church leadership
  • Dove’s Nest – An organization that deals with child abuse, and offers many services/resources for those in need. Please see this post on the Mennonite USA Women in Leadership blog for more Dove’s Nest resources.
  • MCC Manitoba: Voices for Non-Violence – Resources on sexualized violence, abuse, and rape of children, women, and men

General Websites

  • The Silent Majority: Adult Victims of Sexual Exploitation by Clergy – Thorough explanation of the psychological impacts, congregational impacts, victim impacts, and more in situations of sexual abuse in the church.
  • FACSA | The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse – An organization and Website with a mission to influence the adoption of state and federal legislation that will:
    • Provide strong protection for children from sex abuse
    • Deter perpetrators of child sexual abuse.
    • Provide justice to child sex abuse survivors
      …and more.
  • Male Survivor – A great site for men and boys who are overcoming experiences with sexualized violence and abuse.


*If you know of resources not included here, please use the contact page to let us know.