On Monday of this week, M.G. shared her experience of the rape and abuse she survived while a student at Eastern Mennonite University, as well as the university’s response when she reported the violence. If you read the story, you know that M.G’s courage and wisdom is pretty hard to miss. Today, you get to see with your own eyes just how powerful she can be. She was inspired to write this spoken word poem after reading Lauren Shifflett and Marissa Buck’s untold stories on OSU. M.G.’s performance is a testament to the insight and creative strength of survivors everywhere. If you are a survivor, soak in M.G.’s voice and let it empower your own. And no matter who you are, listen. Listen with your eyes and your ears and your body and your spirit. This woman has something teach us.



M.G. requests that anyone who would like to send her words of support or otherwise contact her regarding what she has shared here do so through OSU Director and SNAP advocate Hilary J. Scarsella: hilary.scarsella@gmail.com (phone number available upon request). Outside of leaving comments below, please do NOT attempt to contact M.G. directly.