Dear OSU friends,

I’m deeply saddened to announce that it has become necessary for me to move on from my position as Editor of Our Stories Untold. Although it will be a relief to pull back from what has recently become an all too full plate of responsibilities, I will so miss the vibrant, growing community and ready microphone I was offered and privileged to help to create here on these pages.

Going forward I will continue to focus energies on my various roles with the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests including the Anabaptist Mennonite Chapter of SNAP, the SNAP Survivor Support Group that meets in Harrisonburg, VA, and the Mennonite Abuse Prevention List.

I have considered it a great honor to partner in this joint venture for four years, first with Rachel Halder and later with Hilary Scarsella, since the summer of 2013. I’ll consider my time at Our Stories Untold with these two compassionate and committed young women some of the most challenging but also the most rewarding and transformative of my life. I leave with deep gratitude for what we were able to accomplish together.

I’m also thankful for all of you OSU readers and writers, the resilient, determined women and men survivors and loved ones who stood up to break the silence and tell your stories. What a privilege to meet you along the way and share the journey.

I look forward to continuing connection and ongoing friendship with those of you who care to stay in touch. Please feel free to contact me at,, or call me at 540-214-8874.  You can also find me on FaceBook as Barbra Graber and on Twitter @Barbra Graber.

Onward with love and hope,



From Hilary:

Barbra has been a champion to survivors for some thirty years. These past four years she has given her skills, energy and heart to Our Stories Untold and to the many survivors who connect here. She has spent innumerable hours befriending survivors and their loved ones, supporting survivors as they ready their stories for publication, advocating for survivors throughout the U.S. Mennonite church, and doing everything in her power to make it safer for survivors to come forward.

Barbra’s strong voice and her willingness to use it have been a sizable part of the reason that the Mennonite church is taking sexualized violence more seriously today than it did four years ago. We are indebted to her courage and commitment. She has made a real and lasting difference.

Though Barbra is moving on from her role with Our Stories Untold, some survivor authors have instructed others over these past four years to contact them through Barbra. It is important you know that she will continue, in her SNAP role, to facilitate that communication.

It isn’t possible to express my gratitude for Barbra, for what she has taught me about how to make change, and for the time and energy she has put into Our Stories Untold.

So I will say simply this: Thank you.