Autumn chrysanthemum,  the flower placed on graves for All Saints Day

Autumn chrysanthemum, the flower of All Saints Day

The Western Christian tradition established the commemoration of Hallowmas in the 8th century AD as a time to remember the dead, including martyrs and saints and all faithful Christians.  But the people of the earth established these days as holy long before the advent of Christianity.  Our earliest ancestors, whose beliefs and practices were centered around the miracles of nature and the life giving cycles of its seasons believed at this darkening time of year that the veil between the worlds is the thinnest;  therefore the spiritual bond between ourselves and our departed loved ones is the strongest.

For today’s Call to Prayer for sexual healing at 3:00 pm, wherever you are in the world, we invite you to remember your loved ones who have gone before. Those of us familiar with sexual abuse know well one of its tragic consequences: suicide. The wounds of sexual abuse can be so deep and persistent that the will to live is not sustained and a precious, shattered life is taken.

Let us grieve those lives today and honor their pain as our own.

Let us lament the loss of hope perpetrated on our beloveds by the cancer of sexualized violence.

Let us honor the prayerful connection between ourselves and those we love who left us here with broken hearts.

Let us pray:  “I am willing and ready to allow sexual healing to happen” and work diligently for change.

If you are just now discovering us, the original Call to Prayer can be found here.

Feel free to name the friends and family you are honoring today in your comments below.